Advertising classified newspaper

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Advertising classified newspaper
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you can run as many print ads as you want in over 200 newspapers and magazines all over the country.

You just pick up the phone and talk to hundreds of people who called you or emailed you because they are already interested in what you have.

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  • You can dramatically increase your cash income by running ads for your products or service in hundreds of newspapers and magazines every week, without spending a penny out of your pocket!

    My name is Mumtaz Gohar and I found out the hard way how difficult it is to make a profit with effective advertising. Either it's really expensive and not profitable, or like internet classified ads and web sites it's really cheap but you get very few responses. Neither one effectively and immediately increases your sales and income like you want. I know. I lost my money, time, and energy on almost every advertising strategy I had ever tried. Until I discovered and used the most cost-effective advertising system there is -THE FREE NATIONWIDE NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING SYSTEM

    You'll be surprised to learn that by utilizing a clever and almost unknown strategy, you can run as many print ads as you want in over 200 newspapers and magazines all over the country, and get thousands of responses, without spending one nickel out of your pocket!

    Not in the Pennysavers or Nickel type papers either, but the real major dailies including some of the largest circulated newspapers in the country with the most expensive ad rates. Want to know the secret to successfully promoting a product or service? Profitable Print Advertising. Want to know the secret to making a fortune with websites on the internet?

    Print Advertising! Think about it.

    How much more money would you make next week with newspaper ads running in over 200 major metropolitan area newspapers? How many more people would visit your website? How many more people would call you? No more prospecting, ever! You just pick up the phone and talk to hundreds of people who called you or emailed you because they are already interested in what you have. You have a product that people want to buy and use. You just have to let 'em know about it.

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    Enough of this confusing internet advertising stuff where your ads get lost among hundreds of millions of others. With newspaper ads you have a captive audience. Everyone has responded and purchased something they saw in a newspaper ad. You have, haven't you? For some reason we all just inherently trust newspaper ads more. Why do you think the newspapers can charge so much for them?

    Because they bear the supreme test for practical experiment - they work!

    The challenge has always been they're just too expensive to use on a large scale. But not anymore. Not for the people who know how. It took me years to learn how to do it and to compile this information. Now you have the chance to be one of the few people that can make a ton of money by running thousands of ads all over the country for no cost.

    Don't get me wrong. It is hard and painstaking work placing all of these ads every week and trying different ads and testing and tracking which ones get the most response. But it's immediately profitable!

    Once the money starts consistently rolling in and you know which ads pull the best, you can move on as I did to placing very inexpensive and profitable ads in thousands of newspapers with one or two phone calls. And then you can set up an automated response and order taking system. I will show you how to automate your telephone and email response system so that it does all of the selling and follow up for you.

    But to get started successfully on a shoestring and to make certain you profit from your very first day, you have to use the least expensive, most cost-effective strategy available to you - and that's the Free Newspaper Advertising System.

    If you're tired of trying to promote on the internet why not get back to what people have been using successfully for hundreds of years to sell their products and services.

    And if you're one of the first 100 who gets it, you can have the Free Newspaper Advertising System for less than the cost of ONE ad in ONE major newspaper - just $97. And if you pay with a credit card you get to try it out for free and pay for it after you've collected a nice profit! How you can lose?

    So, you don't have to decide now. Just order now and take a 30-day test drive. See for yourself how much more business you get in the next 30 days, then decide.

    If you knew for certain that by using this system you'd rake in an additional $8,000 in the next 30 days, you'd jump on it in a second, wouldn't you. So why not try it - it costs you nothing to find out!

    The Free Newspaper Advertising System is going to be provided to a total of only 300 people nationwide (the first 100 get it for only $97.00, then it goes up to $295.00). I mean it! This is not a sales ploy. It has to be strictly limited or there will be too many ads and too many redundant products in these newspapers!

    The 300 who get it will be assured of a huge response and are going to make out great. Either you make big money or you don't have to pay anything. Is that fair enough? That's why you want to get it now and start placing ads and give it a try. Just make sure that you're one of the 300 that get to profit from it by order right now.

    Don't put this off! If you wait until tomorrow it might be too late. You want to do it now. You have nothing to lose and a fortune to gain by trying out the Free Newspaper Advertising System. This is EXACTLY what you've been looking for!

    Order the Free Newspaper Advertising System and You can download it now so you can start using it right away! Plus... order right now and you will get most wanted products free. And 30 day money back guarantee.


    It took me years to learn how to do it and to compile this.

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